Energy storage lithium battery 48V10ah Telecom base station lithium battery

Voltage : 48v
Capacity : 10ah
Battery type : lithium battery 
Cycle life: 1000 cycles
Warranty :1 Year
OEM :Available 
Application :Telecom base station, Solar system 
Cell Brand :Chinese famous brand ,Samsung,LG,Sanyo,Panasonic etc.
Certification:ISO9001,CE, ROSH,UN38.3,CNAS,MSDS
Shenzhen Quan Chuang Da Energy Co,.ltd.    Telecom Base Station Battery    Energy storage lithium battery 48V10ah Telecom base station lithium battery
  • Features and advantage:
  • 1. Safety: telecom base station lifepo4 battery, built-in BMS, no fire, none explosive
    2. Clean and green energy, does not contain toxic material
    3. Powerful
    4. Prolonged life cycle, after 1000 cycles, the residual capacity exceeds 80% of its original capacity.
    5. No memory effect, highly efficient charging at any time
    6. Wide operating temperature: -10 ~ 55 ° C
    7. Small size and light weight.
    8. Low self-discharge rate: <3% monthly
    9. With individual package, clear warning mark, logo. Instruction manual printed in colors


Nominal Voltage 48V(50.4)
Nominal Capacity 10Ah 0.2C to 40V at 25)
Power 480Wh
(AC) Internal Resistance ≤300
Cycle life >1000 cycles @0.2C 80%DOD
Month self-discharge  <3%
Charge voltage 54.75±0.2V
Charge mode 0.2C to 54.75V, then54.75V,charge current to 0.02C (CC/CV)
Charge current 10A
Max charge current 20A
Charge cut-off voltage 56.4V±0.2V
Max constant current  10.0A
Max constant current 20A
Discharge cut-off voltage 40V
Cell / Connection mode NCM 1850   13(14) S 4 P
Case  metal
mm) Dimension  W442482*D350* H45mm  ±2(1U)
(lbs./kg.) Weight 15.0kg
Terminal  35A through terminal M4
Communication Protocol (Optional) RS485*2/RS232/Dry contact*2
Extend (Optional) MAX String*15  LED Power display


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