What materials are used in different lithium batteries?

Shenzhen Quan Chuang Da Energy Co,.ltd.    常见问题    What materials are used in different lithium batteries?

Ternary lithium

nominal voltage: 3.7V

working voltage: 2.75-4.3V

life cycle: 300-1500 times


battery type: cylindrical / polymer more lithium iron phosphate

nominal voltage: 3.2V

working voltage: 2.5-3.65V

life cycle : 2000-8000 times


Battery type: Cylindrical 26650 / square / more polymer

Lithium manganate

Nominal voltage: 3.7V

Operating voltage: 2.5-4.2V

Life cycle: 300-500 times


Battery type: Cylindrical 18 / more polymer

Lithium titanate

Nominal voltage: 2V

Working voltage: 1.5-2.4V

Life cycle: 5000 times or more



What are the application fields of our batteries?

Electric tricycles, electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, and other communication towers with speeds below 60 yards, such as wind power, wind, lighthouses, island lighthouses, and car start-up power.

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